Looking for a Natural & Invisible Eyelid Tape? We've Got You Covered!

We Make Your Eyes Smile with You!

Instant Eye Lift with Promising Results. Top Quality, Water-Based Invisible Lace Eyelid is made of medically-approved adhesive fiber that is breathable & waterproof. Skin Friendly and Hypoallergenic Lace Eyelids making it essentially safe for all skin types with no risk of irritation. To get a naturally invisible look, stick it after your eye makeup application.


Each strip of tape has extra strong support, aided durability and elasticity with a gentle feel on your delicate skin to shape your eyelids with a stunning, natural look that deepens your crease. Just add the strip of tape into your crease & apply your eye-shadow over it for a youthful appearance!


No Glare, Durable, Ultra Invisible and Light Weight

Instantly lifts Droopy Eyelids, Uneven Eyelids, Mono-lids

Easily Retained and Concealed by Regular Makeup

Shape & Transform your Eyes with Eyelid Tape. Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical. Create an up eye youthful lift to your lids

Excellent air Penetrability, Breathable and Comfortable

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Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
Natural Lift Strips
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Lift and Revive Droopy, Heavy Hooded Eyelids In Seconds!

Natural Lift Strips reshape and rejuvenate natural eyelids and folds, Creating an immediate and youthful effect. As a non-surgical eye lift, the strip itself is near invisible, which are designed to fit all eye shapes and sizes. Each strip is long lasting and can be easily concealed with or without makeup. Application takes minutes without the use of glue.

Each Natural Lift Strip Eyelid includes 600 strips! (over a 3 month’s supply)

  • NATURAL LIFT - Gently supports and enhances the eyes but lifting any sag and wrinkles from eyelids
  • EASY APPLICATION - Super simple to apply, takes a minute!
  • COMFORTABLE & INVISIBLE - Created to be super comfortable with or without makeup. It can be used daily!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC - Does not contain latex or petroleum-based gels for adhesion
  • LONG-LASTING - Will last a full day regardless of the activity!
  • UNIVERSAL - works with all skin tones and eye shapes!
Sticks without glue &
Suitable for Everyone

Medically-Approved Fiber Design that offers strong Adhesion, Durability and Skin-Friendly features. This Water-Based Invisible Lace Eyelid Tape does not require Glue for it's application rather the crystals provide it a sticky base that activates with the use of water and hence it effectively sticks to the eyelids.


This product is amazing, the price is incredible, the result is incredible. Thank you very much!

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The order is exactly on time. The product is exactly as defined in the shop.

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